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Our vision: to optimize your rental property in the Ebro Delta through our Airbnb concierge menu, our five-star services, reservation and property management, and a personal follow-up with each client in real time. Your Property Guestready!

We take care of everything.

Your guests…

Welcome / arrival, security deposit, breakfast, welcome gifts and/or package, reservations, babysitting, equipment rental, food delivery or chef on premises, special events, outings, interpreters, concierge services...

Your residence…

Housekeeping before, during and after guest visits, pool and yard maintenance, laundry, climate control management, mail pick-up or forwarding, invoice processing, execution of all maintenance work.

Your listing.

Optimization or design of your listing on Airbnb or elsewhere, optimization of your ad copy/photos, optimization/ adjustment of rates, planning and communication with your guests, private client area on the website for real time follow-up and archives.

Who are We?

Our Delta del Ebro-based team is made up of professionals in the following industries: hospitality / food service; real estate; and business services.

All of our team members bring years of experience to the job, and are established professionals who know how to relate to clients and make them feel welcome.
More than anything, though, we love our beautiful region and we know how communicate that passion to others.

Your guests will never forget the top quality, full-service vacation they enjoyed in your rental home and they'll be sure to get the word out

Groom service Delta de l'Ebre, conciergerie airbnb
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AirBnB concierge services

We offer you and your guests everything one can expect of a vacation rental and more,
at the highest level of quality.
We also offer many additional options and services you can suggest to your guests,
so as to provide a full-service listing that will stand out.
Lastly, and with your permission, we can offer your guests a wide variety of exclusive local services that will enhance their stay… and from which you will receive a commission.

accueil location airbnb dans le Delta de l'ebre


Key exchange, security deposit,
welcome package, tourist information
things to do and see in the area…

Shuttle service to/from airport or train station, welcome gift, equipment rental.

Additional Options

Shuttle service to/from
Blablacar, airport/train station,
equipment rental,...

Housekeeping and laundry Airbnb rental in Delta de l'èbre

Standard stay:

Housekeeping and laundry done before
every guest arrival, inventory…
no down payment necessary.

Pool maintenance, breakfast, linens and towels provided and maintained by us inEbro Delta Spain

Stay Options

Pool maintenance, breakfast,
linens and towels provided
and maintained by us…

Local transportation, tickets, reservations, childcare, interpreters, chef on premises, tours in Deltebre, Riumar, Sant Jaume d'Enveja, Delta del Ebro.

Services *****

Local transportation, tickets, reservations,
baby-sitter, interpreters,
chef on premises, tours...

Optimization of your Airbnb listing in Ebro delta Spain

Optimization of your
Airbnb listing

Listing, photos, rates (revenue simulation),
targeted international marketing,
Google Adwords campaigns…

Home Concierge Services Security/Maintenance Contact Holidaymakers


We take care of your house while you are away and/ or it is vacant:
Regular visits, inside / outside maintenance, follow-up of estimates and maintenance / construction work, mail service (mail pickup, signing for packages and registered letters), pet-sitting…

We will take care of your property in accordance with the terms mutually agreed upon in the contract we sign together, which defines specifics such as frequency and nature of the maintenance work provided.

Maintenance on your property is done on a regular basis, while our frequent presence there
discourages potential break-ins.

housekeeping, maintenance, Yard, pool, plants, cleaning, ironing, airing out the house, climate control in the Ebro Delta Spain

Maintenance / housekeeping

Indoors / outdoors

Yard, pool, plants, cleaning, ironing, airing out the house, climate control

Maintenance and constructin work / estimates delta de l'Ebre

Maintenance and constructin work / estimates

Supervising construction work

Management of all your odd jobs, construction work and estimates

Sécurity and maintenance of your property in the Ebro Delta


Our presence as a deterrent

Picking up / forwarding your mail; opening / closing the shutters

Pets-sitting in Deltebre


They often feel more comfortable in their own home

Feeding / walking your pets


Towns and Villages


Services provided



100 %

Client satisfaction


Our rates take into consideration the specifics of your rental property (square footage,
location, etc.), the services required (housekeeping, arrival / welcome, security deposit, etc.) and the frequency of said services; our invoices are itemized
to reflect every expense.

Special offers and packages are available, such as:

Welcome Option C

or house

  • Key exchange.
  • Tour of the rental property.
  • Introduction to the area.
  • Key return.
  • (payment due after receiving Airbnb revenue).

Welcome Option B

5 people

  • Key exchange and return.
  • Welcome gift basket
    (local products).
  • Introduction rental property and area.
  • Housekeeping.
  • Laundry

Maintenance/theft deterrent B

54 €/month
  • 2 visits/month.
  • Inspection of inside/outside.
    (list of items to check off).
  • Opening/closing windows to air out the house.
  • Checking water/power/climate control
  • Mail pickup.
  • Real time report on the Private Area of our website.

These are just a few examples. Each bundle is personalized and tailored to match your rental property and meet your expectations.

In most cases, you won't have to put any money down. We bill you after you receive payment from Airbnb, which will include the amount corresponding to our services.

Home Concierge Services Security/Maintenance Contact Holidaymakers

Management of your listings

Whether you want to rent out your property once in a while or on a regular basis, over short or long stays, and for a targeted or more general clientele…

We handle everything for you,
with one objective in mind:
Making the most of your rental properties!

Optimization of your Airbnb listing or your own website in the Ebro Delta Spain

Optimization of your Airbnb listing or your own website

To make the most of your rental property.
  • Optimization of your ad copy
  • Optimization of your photos
  • Optimization of your rates (with simulation of revenue potential)
  • Targeted international marketing (country / region, etc.)
  • Statistical breakdown of your viewings (private client area on our website)
  • Optimization advice over the whole course of our partnership
  • Design of your Airbnb listing or of your own website in Riumar, Spain

    Design of your Airbnb listing or of your own website

    For optimal Internet presence
  • 3 simple steps:
    • Meeting/visit
    • Quote and mockup
    • Production
  • Marketing your product over the whole course of our partnership
  • Management of Google Adwords campaigns
  • Real time management via access to your Private Area on our website
  • The website or the listing remain your exclusive property, whether our collaboration lasts or not.
  • gestion et suivi de votre annonce airbnb dans le Delta de l'Ebre

    Real time management.


    We believe that seeing is believing, which is why we provide you with a private client area on our website where you can monitor the management of your rental property in real time.

  • Reservation processing (past, current, upcoming)
  • Reservation specifics (date, time, special occasion, etc.)
  • Accounting (Airbnb revenue, expenses, commissions received and pending, etc.)
  • Contact-us

    So… you already rent out an AirBnB property in the Delta del Ebro, or maybe you have one you would like to rent out once in a while, such as on weekends or during the holidays… But how do you handle guests when you live 1,000 miles away? How will you make sure the house is clean and the linens and towels freshly washed? To whom can you entrust the keys, and can you really ask that person to always be there when your guests arrive or leave?
    How can you receive and then return the security deposit and do a post-departure walkthrough?
    How do you handle maintenance and, mostly… what about security concerns? ?

    Thanks to our concierge service, GROOM SERVICE DELTA DE L'EBRE, you now have a local partner that can handle all of that for you.
    You won't even have to make any advance payment; , we only bill you after your guest or Airbnb pays you. And it gets even better: if you agree to promote our services locally, you will receive a commission of the revenue.
    And all this comes with real time monitoring of the entire reservation process.

    No cause for concern or doubt: everything is spelled out in black and white when we draft the contract, and we require no constraining commitment from you...
    You are free to change your mind about renting out your property or enlisting our services at any time.

    What are you waiting for? Get in touch with us and we will be happy to answer all your questions.